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A new Internet site.

As you probably noticed, our website has a new look. It shows our commitment to provide qualitative information in a simpler and more enjoyable way.

Feel free to send us your thoughts or expectations regarding the contents of this interface, designed especially for you.

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Invoicing taken back in-house by Unda

While distribution and promotion of our products remain ensured by Promomed, UNDA has, since 1 December 2014, taken its invoicing back in-house. This is the only significant change; invoices remain designed with readability and simplicity in mind. For example, you’ll find the reference of the delivery voucher very easily on the first line of the invoice.

For any questions regarding invoicing, you should no longer call Promomed but contact our services instead, directly by phone (04 / 384.59.01) or by e-mail:

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